City-Wide Drone Detection Services

Available now in over 38 cities around the world.

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City-Wide Drone Detection for Any Industry

City-wide Drone Detection allows organizations to instantly access drone data in their airspace without needing to install or maintain hardware. Users can easily mark alert zones and receive real-time notifications when drones enter detection areas

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Streamline your dispatch process with instant text alerts the moment your airspace is breached. Your team will receive instant notifications as well as a map link to locate the pilot.

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Enable as many members of your team to receive email, text, and push notifications utilizing our simplistic distribution platform.

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Track down the drone's location, flight path, and pilot within the same interface.

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Provide your team with the best drone detection solution so you can effectively secure your airspace from unauthorized drones.

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Leading Organizations Choose Aerial Armor & Dedrone

Available in 38 Cities and Counting!

Quickly identify real-time GPS location of the drone pilot.

Get push notifications sent to your phone the moment an Alert Zone has been breached.

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Add comments to drones of interest and access stored data by serial number.

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Data-Driven Drone Threat Intelligence

Aerial Armor - a Dedrone company - offers the deepest threat intelligence database in the industry with 3+ years of data and over 240 million drone flights.


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Access the World's Most Trusted Drone Detection Solution.

Fill out the contact form and a drone detection specialist will reach out to let you know if you and your team qualify for our City-Wide Drone Detection Services.

How Our Drone Detection Services Work

The latest drone detection systems engineered specifically for your security team.

Apply for a Subscription

Find out if you and your organization qualify for our drone detection subscription services. Contact our team now! We'll want to know:

  • What company/organization are you working with?

  • Where are you located? Chances are, City-Wide Detection Services will be available in your area if they're not already.

Get Instant Access to Live & Historical Data

As a customer, you get corporate login credentials to our data portal.

  • Our drone detection specialists will set your team up so to begin tracking unauthorized drones and their pilots.

  • Your organization will have access to data from three years and over 240 million flights.

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No Hardware Install Required

Access drone detection data from any device via our web application, Android app, and iOS app.

  • Customize the drone detection alerts to send your team notifications (text message, push notifications, email, etc.)

  • Leverage proprietary threat intelligence score by drone serial number.

  • Access data anytime and add comments by drone SN to monitor repeat offenders.

World's Most Trusted Drone Detection Solution

Effectively detect, track, and identify unauthorized drones and their pilots.

  • Contact customer support if you have any questions about the service.

  • No hardware or software installation required (apart from our mobile app!).

  • Contact Aerial Armor today!

Airspace Security Starts Where the Fence Ends

Drone Intrusions are on the Rise

Our global network of drone detection data indicates unauthorized drone intrusions are on the rise across the globe. We work with organizations in every industry, including border patrol, airports, prisons, Fortune 100 companies, critical infrastructure, and many more.

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Provide Your Team With the Best Drone Detection Solution

Easily Monitor Live Drone Flights
A simple interface allows you to monitor all critical drone data in one place via our mobile app (Android and iOS) or web app.

Identify Critical Drone Information
Analyze important drone data like make, model, serial number, drone location and pilot location via GPS.

Monitor Multiple Geographic Locations
Monitor as many geographic areas as necessary to help secure your multi-location organization.

Quickly Identify Pilot Location
Instantly reveal the pilot's real-time GPS location along with the drone's flight path.

Get Alert Zone Notifications
Get push notifications directly to your phone the moment an Alert Zone has been breached.

Add Comments to Drones of Interest
Keep track of specific drones or flights and archive critical data through a simple tap and comment feature.


Have a Question About Our City-Wide Drone Detection Services?

How do City-Wide Drone Detection services work?

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First, you can refer to the map above to ensure your city is covered by our subscription service (if it's not yet, it will be soon).

Next, contact our team via phone or fill out the contact form and a drone detection specialist will walk you through the application process.

After successfully signing up, you will be provided a login and password so you can begin setting up drone alert notifications for your team and gain access to live and historical drone detection data within and around your airspace.

How much does the subscription cost per month?

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The cost of our City-Wide Drone Detection Subscription Service varies from area to area and changes depending on the current drone detection solutions that are installed in and around your airspace. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

Who can apply for City-Wide Drone Detection services?

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Our subscription service is available to companies, institutions, governments, airports, prisons, and entire security teams who are in need of a turn-key drone detection solution within the current cities that are covered. This subscription drone detection service is not currently available to individuals.