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Drones offer a convenient, accessible, and affordable way to gather images and data at times, in locations, and from viewpoints that were, at best, challenging in the past, if not impossible. Beyond traditional uses, innovations have produced drones that can detect human screams, identify diseased citrus trees, inspect bridges for safety, and locate burgeoning wildfires. Unfortunately, as with other significant technological advances, some individuals will utilize them for problematic and even criminal activities. Even the most well-meaning drone user can make a mistake or encounter mechanical or technical issues, which can have disastrous results. Illegal drone use is a rapidly growing issue, as well. Drone detection can combat these problems, offering robust protection for vulnerable or sensitive locations and activities. 

Stolen Drone Recovery

Even small drones can represent a substantial investment, so recovering stolen or lost drones and possibly the footage stored on their memory cards can be of vital importance. Part of drone monitoring can include software tools, such as our "Watch List," which allows tracking of specific drones, whether they are repeat offenders in your airspace or if you are tracking your own drones for security purposes. The ability to monitor individual drones is a powerful tool, allowing users to track flight times and paths to identify illicit drone operators and the location of lost or stolen drones. 

Protecting Arenas, Stadiums, & Other Large Events

Widespread availability and reduced costs, along with an increasing demand for unique footage, have inspired many people to fly drones into concerts, sports stadiums, and other large events. Whether they seek amazing aerial footage, want to interrupt events, or avoid paying ticket prices, these illicit flights can range from annoyances to potential disasters. Detecting unauthorized drones before they can cause interruptions or injury promotes safe, rewarding entertainment.

Airspace & Restricted Area Safety

National security and air safety require safe airspace free of unlawful surveillance and collision risks. Detection tools like DJI's AeroScope can identify drones violating protected airspace. 

Intercepting Drug & Contraband Trafficking

Criminals have quickly adapted the power of drones for their illicit purposes, with dangerous and contraband items frequently found in flights detected near prisons and other sensitive locations. Seeing drones before they can deliver their cargo is crucial in preventing this updated take on smuggling.

Drones can be nearly impossible to spot until it's too late — unauthorized footage has been captured, airspace has been violated, contraband delivered, or worse. Aerial Armor's drone detection services can mitigate these issues by offering powerful tools to monitor, locate, and identify illicit drone activity and drone operators before disaster strikes. Contact us today to learn more about the protection provided by our full suite of software, equipment, and services.

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